Mobile Sports Betting Sites

When it comes to convenience, all of the online sportsbooks that we recommend have mobile sports betting sites that can be used from anywhere. This brings tons of simplicity when it comes to betting on sports when you are out and about and they each give you that opportunity to do so and more. Pretty much all of the features that you’ll get from an online sportsbook on a computer can be taken advantage of from your phone and we’ll lay that all out for you. We’ll show you how to go about doing so and break down what it is that you could take advantage of.



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Best Mobile Sports Betting Sites

We only recommend the best mobile sports betting sites and all of them are unique in their own way. Before anything, you should know that you are not limited to signing up for just one betting site and getting in on all that they have to offer. With that said, below you’ll get a glimpse of their offerings.


5 Star Rating

The mobile platform at Bovada is arguably the best that you’ll find. The same way that you are going to bet from a computer by selecting the odds you want to bet on is how you’ll bet from your phone. You’ll simply find the sport that you want to bet on and make the selecting by tapping on it. From there you can enter the amount you want to bet and push your wager through.

  • Top-Rated Sportsbook
  • Accepts Crypto
  • Team and Player Props
  • Quickest Payouts


5 Star Rating

All of the deposit and withdrawal methods that BetOnline lets you use can each be used to make those transactions right from your phone. For example, all of the cryptocurrencies that you can use on their site have some of the quickest transactions as you can connect your crypto wallet to your BetOnline account and make those transactions right from your phone in just a few steps.

  • Deposit With Crypto
  • Bet On Sports Around The World
  • In-Game Betting
  • Timely Payouts


4.5 Star Rating

One of the simplest interfaces that there is comes at Anything and everything that they have to offer is laid out for you right from their homepage on your smart device. Bonuses that they might offer, their deposits and withdrawal page, and all of the odds that they have to offer are just a click away from when you log into your account.

  • Welcomes USA Players
  • Solid Reputation
  • Competitive Odds
  • Crypto-Friendly


4.5 Star Rating

If you are looking for a safe and reliable online sportsbook to use from your phone, MyBookie is the one for you. They take the extra step in making sure of this as well while you are betting from your phone. Once you gain access to your site, their encryptions kick in and protect all of your personal and financial information on both your mobile web browser and their servers.

  • Easy Deposits
  • Team and Player Props
  • Teasers and Pleasers
  • Fast Withdrawals

Bonuses up to $750
5 Star Rating

50% up to $1,000
5 Star Rating

50% up to $1,000
4.5 Star Rating

50% up to $1,000
4.5 Star Rating

Devices That Can Be Used For Mobile Sports Betting

You can use all of the most popular devices with your choice of mobile online sportsbook. All of these devices have web browsers built into them in which you could just go to your betting account from there and log in. Some of the most popular device that you could use can be found below:

How Mobile Sports Betting Works

Mobile betting from your phone works extremely similar to how you would bet on sports from your computer. From your web browser, you’ll be able to log in and find all of the hundreds of odds that each of them has to offer. Not only can you place bets from your phone, but you can make deposits and withdrawals, and even get in on any bonuses that they might have to offer.

Player Rated5 Star Rating

  • Top-Rated Sportsbook
  • Accepts Crypto
  • Team and Player Props
  • Quickest Payouts

Live Mobile Sports Betting

One of the biggest advantages that mobile betting gives you comes on the side of live betting. Right from your mobile device, you can access the live betting suites as quickly as possible and bet on the odds you are looking for in a matter of just seconds. This is great for anyone that is at a live sports betting event and wants to get in on the odds of the game in real time at any point when you think the odds are the most profitable in your eyes.


Is It Legal To Use Mobile Sports Betting Sites?

Absolutely, mobile sports betting sites are legal and you have nothing to worry about when using them regardless of where you may be. That comes as both state and federal sports betting laws have nothing in them stating that you cannot use them and you will not get in trouble for doing so either.

Do I Have To Download Anything To Use Mobile Sportsbooks?

No, any of the mobile sportsbooks that we recommend do not have any applications that you need to download and also have no software to download either. With that, you’ll never have to worry about anything taking up any storage space on your device.

Are Mobile Sports Betting Sites Safe?

Yes, all of the mobile betting sites on this page are safe and have all of the top safety and security measures in place to make sure of that. Your information is stored safely on their servers and you can also ease any of your concerns with their around the clock customer service.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Use Mobile Sports Betting Sites?

You’ll need to follow the gambling age of the state that you are in before using a mobile online sportsbook. Most states require you to meet the 21 year old age requirement while some have their sports betting age set at 18. You’ll need to follow the state's gambling age in order to use these sites even if they are licensed online sportsbooks.